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Rule of the Month (December) - Great Bunker Escape

We are a running a series focusing on some of the rules of golf. There have been ongoing changes to the rules of golf which are not always clearly understood so with the help of our Sussex referees we hope to raise awareness, educate and bring clarity on the more contentious and/or misunderstood rules. These rules will be run on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and will be posted on the website as news items.

Great Bunker Escape

Arrghh, I mishit my shot and the ball is in a steep faced greenside bunker, I don’t think I can hit it out towards the flag.

What should I do?

A. Hit it out backwards towards the fairway
B. Drop the ball in the bunker within one club length of where it lies, no nearer the holefor 1 penalty stroke
C. Estimate where the ball crossed into the bunker and drop a ball within 1 club length of that point for 1 penalty stroke
D. Drop a ball outside the bunker, back a line from the flag through where the is in the bunker for 1 penalty stroke
E. Replay the shot that got you into the bunker in the first place for 1 penalty stroke

All options are available except option c. and d.

A – Although the purpose of the game is to hit the ball into the hole, a player can take any route they like
B – Only the player can determine whether the ball is playable or not, if you don’t want to play from where it is the ball can be moved in the bunker under rule 19.3a for 1 penalty stroke
C – Sorry, not an option
D – This is an option but the price for dropping on the line outside the bunker is 2 penalty strokes under rule 19.3b
E – A player can ALWAYS, at any time and from any place replay their last shot for 1 penalty stoke

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