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Rule of the Month (May) - Match Play Quiz: Part Two - REFEREE RESPONSE

Rule of the Month (May) - Match Play Quiz: Part Two - REFEREE RESPONSE

Following last months Match Play Quiz, we thought we'd share some further scenarios to test your knowledge whilst we are still in the midst of match play competitions. This time, we have Chris and Jo who are playing a match against Ann and Kathy. Referee response due Monday 6th May.

Chris and Jo are playing a scratch match play event against Ann and Kathy. Kathy is stuck in traffic; whilst on the tee Ann says to Chris “It’s really windy today, which club are you thinking of using?” Chris replies, “I’m not sure, probably my 3 wood”. The Starter hears the conversation and thinks it constitutes asking advice, what is the penalty, if any?
a. General Penalty to Ann
b. General Penalty to both players
c. None

Answer: c. None - Rule 10.2a As the round has not started there is no penalty.
Had Ann asked the question between holes, then the general penalty, loss of hole applies to Ann for seeking advice. It doesn’t matter what Chris says, she can’t be penalised for giving advice because in asking the question Ann has already lost the hole.
It is different in stroke play, both Ann and Chris would receive the general penalty of 2 strokes
applied to the next hole.

Chris and Jo complete the second hole with a score of 4. Kathy is on the green for 3 and Ann is closer to the hole on the same line for 2, they agree for Ann to play first and she sinks the putt. Chris and Jo immediately call the referee and claim that the stroke is cancelled as Ann played out of turn, and that Kathy has to play first. Does the referee uphold the claim?
a. Yes
b. No
Answer: b. No – Rule 23.6
In partner forms of play, the side may play in the order they feel is best but avoid giving the impression that the partner furthest from the hole has abandoned their right to play. See
Clarification 23.6/1 here.

The two teams are on the green of the next hole. Ann has a 6 foot putt for par and asks that the flag be left in, she makes a stroke and her putt is on line for the hole. Chris, who is next to putt for birdie, removes the flagstick as Ann’s ball approaches the hole. Ann claims the hole, is she right?
a. Yes
b. No
Answer: a. Yes – Rule 13.2a (4)
When a player has left the flagstick in the hole and not authorised anyone to attend it, another player must not deliberately move the flagstick whilst the stroke is being made or the ball is in motion after the stroke (unless it is obvious the putt will miss). This action incurs the general penalty and so Chris and Jo lose the hole.

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