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Emma Speedgolf 1Congratulations to Emma Morgan of Crowborough Beacon for her fantastic 3rd place in the World Speedgolf Championship in the USA last week. After winning the British Championship back in August – click here for our report – Emma secured her place to compete in Chicago.

Wow…… what an amazing feat, congratulations from all your fellow Sussex golfers.

Asked what made her decide to take up her chance to compete on the Speedgolf world stage, Emma tells us ‘it was the support from the members of Crowborough, fellow competitors and my family that made me decide to play in the World Champs in Chicago. My husband also pointed out that I’m not getting any younger too! By the time I had a babysitter in place, booked flight tickets and made all the arrangements, I only had 6 weeks left to train!’

Emma Speedgolf 2Unfortunately she wasn’t able to train as much as she would have liked with a busy young family and work, but she did manage to play speedgolf every Sunday at 6.45am six weekends in a row. Apart from that it was a few rounds of ‘normal’ golf and lots of short bursts of running every time the poor dog got taken for a ‘walk’!

After arriving in Chicago, there was a practice round the day before the competition with Rob Hogan (he retained the British Men’s title this summer shooting 77 in just 34 mins 4 seconds and he regained the World Championship in Chicago) together with a couple of American competitors.


Emma Speedgolf 3

As experienced speed golfers they gave Emma lots of tips. Pictured right with Rob Hogan, Emma says ‘it was a real honour to play with Rob. He is the smoothest, quickest and most fantastic golfer I think I will ever witness on a golf course’.

Click here to take a look at him in action at the World Championships – he makes the game look easy!

On the ‘big day’ she was very nervous and says the first tee shot was similar to what you would experience teeing off in a County competition! She says she was grateful that the ladies tee was just a little bit further out of sight! Hubby Tony ran with her (just in case she got lost between the greens and the next tees!) She says ‘I hit good shots off most of the tees but struggled with the putting. The greens were fast and the windy conditions made them that much tougher’.

She finished in 3rd place with a score of 164:27 (gross 96 in 68 minutes). Gretchen Johnson, the reigning women’s Champion retained her title with 138:39 (86 in a blistering 52 mins 39 secs, faster than many of the men). Emma says she’d need to find time to train more and sink a lot more putts on the day to get anywhere near Gretchen’s standard!

Emma says she really did have the most amazing time and looks forward to getting her running shoes on next spring (look out dog!)

Click here to find out more about Speedgolf and Emma’s blog about the World Championships.