Despite the current Covid-19 problems, it’s anticipated that the World Handicapping System (WHS) will be introduced on 2nd November 2020 in England.

The England Golf, R&A and WHS websites have lots of information, with more available on-line as we approach “D Day”.  Please use these links to read about this change.

The CONGU website is also very helpful.  Why not take a trip to the relevant pages and read the documents called WHS Rules of Handicapping, a Players Reference Guide to the Rules of Handicapping and CONGU Advice on the WHS?  This tells you everything you need to know and you’ll be ready for 2nd November!

It’s important that you know that this new system is designed to welcome more players, make golf easier to understand and enable you to have a handicap which is portable throughout England and even around the globe!

Good luck in your reading!