Under the World Handicap System, Course Rating and Slope Rating means that your Handicap Index can be portable from course to course and country to country. It also enables acceptable scores from any rated golf course in the world to be submitted for Handicap purposes.

Your Handicap Index will be calculated using your best eight from your last 20 scores.  From your previous 20 scores the Word Handicap System platform will automatically identify your best eight and then your average is calculated to generate your Handicap Index. As you submit a new score your Handicap Index will automatically update to the most recent 20 scores, with your 21st score in the system then disregarded.

Your Handicap Index will update promptly after you submit an acceptable score, almost always at midnight or shortly after, and be ready before the next time you play.

The maximum Handicap Index available for any player is 54. This allows for a fairer representation of all players and their demonstrated ability. Making golf less intimidating for a new golfer and allowing golfers of all abilities to track their progress, means that we can attract more players to our great game.

To read more about these changes on the England Golf website click here.