England Golf has confirmed that the task of migrating data from various golf club systems has been an enormous task and not without difficulties.  In terms of the size of the transition of data:

  • Around 15 million items of historical scoring data was transferred from the CDH to the WHS platform.
  • Nearly 600,000 individual playing records were added to the WHS platform.
  • Over 200,000 golfers registered on the system since it was launched on 2nd November.

As a result there have been, and still are many queries from clubs and individuals who England Golf cannot reply to individually.  The main issues have been Missing Scores, Pending Scores, Mapping of Tees, WEB browsers, Personal Details and Membership ID. 

The answers to all these questions may be found on the England Golf website here and they also ask that if you continue to experience problems to write with fuller details, and screenshot the page where any error is displayed. They can be contacted at whs.support@englandgolf.org

We hope to return to golf early December!