CASES Logo 2  Revised text OLpJust what do you think about as you hit your ball….. ?

Phil Kearney, a lecturer in sports science at the University of Chichester, is doing a research project with Dr Howie Carson, a PGA Advanced Professional Golf Coach and Research Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire.

They are asking golfers to take part in their survey which asks questions about golfers’ focus when playing. At SCLGA we’re delighted to help with their research, so we’d like lots of Sussex golfers to take part, and they will share the summary of their findings if you want.

If you’d like to help with their research click here to take part in the short survey.

In terms of background, Phil says:
As a sport scientist and a skill acquisition specialist, I study expert performers and the learning process that leads to expertise. I’m particularly interested in the focus of attention, how subtle changes in what people think about can influence how well they perform. Golf is an ideal activity to consider given the range of skills and the prominent role that ‘swing thoughts’ play in golf coaching. So I’m interested in the differences in the use of swing thoughts between golfers of varying skill levels. Sport scientists can help translate research into benefits for performers and coaches.
What do you hope to achieve as the outcome of your research?
Our main aim is to gain a clearer picture of what golfers know about focusing their attention, allowing us to understand whether ideas from coaches and books have made it into common practice. We can also discover whether golfers are doing things on the course whose effectiveness has yet to be scientifically investigated, so we hope our work will prompt new research to understand swing thoughts.

It will only take a few minutes of your time to help with this interesting research, you can receive their findings directly, and we’ll share the key themes when they complete their work.