Sussex Seniors took on Surrey at Mannings Heath on Wednesday 28th August. Unfortunately, the date clashed with the Morrice Foursomes Semi-Finals & Final with the Sara Whittaker (Seniors’ Captain) playing,  so Teresa Ward stepped in for the day.
Aileen Greenfield and Paula Carver had easy wins 6 & 5 and 6 & 4 respectively.  Karen Sykes, Teresa and Alison Vans Agnew all had very close games finishing on the 18th just 1 up!  Jo Galway finished 3 & 1 to give the team a clean sweep winning the match 6 – 0.
This is a great season with the Sussex Seniors winning every match and hopeful of retaining the Mulligan Larsen Trophy.  There’s one final match to be played between Essex and Middlesex.
A massive thank you to all the players and to Sussex County for their support of the matches.