The first Coaching Clinic of the year was held at Mid Sussex Golf Club when Karen Francis (Sports Psychologist) joined with resident Pro, Lee Andrews to deliver an inspiring workshop on the mental skills necessary to improve your golf performance.  In a very interactive session, she emphasised that “how to train your brain = paying attention to the right stuff”; in other words focus more attention to what has gone right rather then what hasn’t. Incorporating this information into the pre-shot routine gives the brain the evidence to create an image of what you want to achieve.  With practice this pre-shot drill it’s hoped that you’ll feel less stressed under pressure and in difficult situations.

After the “sports psychology” session, the ladies headed outside in order to put Karen’s points into practice!  Lee created five “awkward lie” situations where a player often finds themselves worrying about the outcome before they have even played the shot!!  There were uphill and downhill lies in the rough, a fairway bunker, a slope board with a gravity defying ball on a downhill slope and tricky bare lies.

Everyone had the opportunity to experience these different shots using a hybrid club or their preferred choice of club which created much interaction due to the individual reactions.

After lunch, although the wind was gusting, the sunshine inspired the participants to play 9 holes where the mixed recall of some of the training instructions caused much hilarity as well as examples of brilliant execution!!

All the participants left enthusiastic and eager to get onto their golf course and some even signed up for the next session on Thursday 3rd October when a similar format will apply (short game with Lee Andrews).  To sign up click here.