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The 9 hole taster session was held at Piltdown recently as a practice for the British Championships which will be held there on 17th September.  Sue Todd who runs three times a week and plays golf at least twice a week thought she would give it a go and combine the two!  Other entrants included Emma Morgan, Mariette Hillborne and Lisl Lewis who are relatively news to golf, which just goes to show that you don’t have to be great at golf or running to participate!

Speed golf entails carrying up to 7 clubs and walking or running as fast as you can between shots and putting with the flag stick still in the hole, which really speeds up play on the greens. The score is the length of time it takes to run the course plus the shots taken.  Sue Todd took 36 minutes 22 seconds and 46 shots to play 9 holes which is a score of 82.22 -considering she had only 5 clubs was very respectable!

Sue has entered the Championships at Piltdown in September, we wish her lots of luck and hope that this will inspire more  ladies to try it out especially the younger ones!

To find out more visit http://britishspeedgolf.co.uk