The fixture list of County Competitions for 2021, shown below, has been sent to all Sussex affiliated clubs to assist with their planning for next year – we are hoping to run our full programme and not experience any of the disruption which we have seen this season.

2021 Venues & Dates

We have introduced a new process for Clubs to enter County competitions. An email from Alison Hopson the County Finance Director ( has been emailed to all clubs with details of the new procedure and providing a link enabling clubs to select which competitions they wish to enter.

This process also covers payment of the annual Club affiliation fee, so you will need to go into that link even if you are not planning to enter any competitions  As covered in earlier emails, each club will be given a credit for competitions which we were not able to run this year and events which we ran but your club decided to withdraw from. The information for your club will be set out on the link you have received.

If your club hasn’t received this email please ask that they check junk email and if you cannot find it there please contact Alison at

We have decided that the format of Divisions will follow the same approach as was planned for 2020. The only change is that following the introduction of the World Handicap System this November, the current handicaps limits will be replaced by Handicap Index limits, as specified below.

Division 1 will now have two sections – Division 1 Scratch and Division 1 Handicap. Clubs will need to choose which section they wish to enter – they will not be able to enter both sections.

Division 1 Scratch will continue to be for teams of 7, played off scratch with no handicap index limit.

Division 1 Handicap will be for teams of 5 players, played off handicap, with a maximum handicap index of 16.4. Players with a handicap index of 16.5 or above will not be able to play in the Division 1 Handicap team.

Division 2 – teams of 7, no player with a  handicap index of less than 13.5, played off scratch

Division 3 – teams of 7, no player with a handicap index of less than 20.5, played off scratch

Division 4 – teams of 5, any handicap index up to 36.4, played off handicap. As in previous years, a player who plays for Division 4 may not play for her club in any other Divisions.

The deadline for return and payment is Wednesday 30th September.  Clubs may enter two teams for Division 4  but only one team for Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

Clubs may enter two teams for the scratch foursomes and as in 2020 any player whose Home Club has not entered a team may join up with a player from another club who is in the same position and enter as an independent pair. An entry form will be on the website for this in due course.