East Brighton was the venue for the Division 2 Quarter-Finals.  Fog delayed the first match between Piltdown and Haywards Heath by 20 minutes, however, around mid-day the sun emerged after a heavy shower and the matches were completed without any further weather delays.

The 1st match was very close with 3 wins each.  The last pair had to complete their match by playing extra holes, which took the teams down the 20th hole, and culminated in a win for Haywards Heath.

The 2nd match between West Sussex and Crowborough Beacon was also very close, with the players once again waiting for just one pair’s result to decide the group.  Two extra holes took Crowborough Beacon into the Semi-Finals by winning on the 20th hole.

Cottesmore were the winners in the match against East Sussex National, and the final match between Copthorne and Nevill finished with a win for Nevill.

The line-up for the Division 2 Semi-Finals at Slinfold on 9th August are:

10.08am Haywards Heath v Crowborough Beacon

10.57am Cottesmore v Nevill

Thanks must go to the East Brighton Golf Club Team led by Rebecca – they managed the whole day exceedingly well with excellent communication.

Thanks also to our two starters who stood out in the mist, rain, cold and finally a glimmer of sunshine without complaint !!  Thank you to Ann Carnegie and Chris Handson.

Cottesmore Team


Haywards Heath Team


Nevill Team


Crowborough Beacon Team