Royal Ashdown Forest GC played host to the Prue Riddiford Bowmaker, previously known as the Autumn Bowmaker but renamed in Prue’s honour for 2020.  We were fortunate that Covid had not put paid to this event and the sun shone all day, with many ladies enjoying their picnics after the competition on the club balcony.

Royal Ashdown Forest is best known for it’s heather and the degree of difficulty either off the tee or in front of the green and a determination from many ladies not to lose a golf ball whatever the competition.  Nonetheless, ladies of different golfing ability battled the newly ironed greens and deepest purple heather and returned to the club house mostly with smiles on their faces.  This wasn’t only in connection with the golf but a new discovery; the home-made club flapjack….it was offered to the players in honesty boxes behind the 9th green with a drink to assuage their hunger and thirst and feed them before the final 9 holes!

Triumphing over the heather was a team from Willingdon Golf Club:

1st place: Sarah Quinn, Aileen Beale and Sue Horsford – 73 points

2nd place: Celine Graciet, Charlotte Hinge and Jan Gill from Brighton & Hove – 72 points

3rd place: Alison Hopson, Clare Strong & Rebecca Dawson from Haywards Heath – 70 points

4th place: Ann Carnegie (Littlehampton), Sue Todd (Royal Ashdown) & Kay Grindell (Dyke) – 67 points

The ladies of Royal Ashdown turned out in green and red to ball spot and thanks must go to them for their help; also the Lady Captain, Sue Rushworth, Adam Riddle (Assistant Manager) and the catering staff for rising to the challenge and supplying picnics to all the competitors.

It was a really beautiful day and Prue Riddiford would’ve been proud to see the golf course in such perfect condition, but probably watching from on high and saying “Oh, I’ve never been here before…….” – for some of the competitors quite true!

Prue Riddiford Bowmaker Results 2020

Results with Details

Winning Team from Willingdon