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We all get energised about speed of play, whether it’s the Pro’s playing 5 hour rounds or when we’re stuck behind a 4-ball who won’t let our two-ball through.

England Golf logoRecognising this issue, the professional game is putting players under pressure to speed up their play, with groups being put ‘on the clock’ and England Golf has just published their first Speed of Play Policy which will be in place for their championships – click here to download Pace of Play Policy 2016.

R&A logoIt’s easy to think this doesn’t apply to the ‘ordinary club golfer’, but it’s vital all golfers play their part in avoiding slow play which frustrates us all.  The Rules of Golf 2016 addresses pace of play in Section 1 Etiquette: Behaviour on the Course.  It is the responsibility of all players, whatever their playing ability, to be familiar with these basic principles.

The R&A web site has more information and videos – click here R&A Pace of Play

Some of the simple things we can all do, and encourage our playing partners to do include:

  • Mark the card whilst others are teeing off, if it’s your honour, play your ball and then mark the card.
  • Think about your shot and make your club selection whilst others are playing their shots, be ready to play as soon as it’s your turn.
  • If others are looking for a ball, play your shot before going to help.
  • Be aware of the golfers in front and behind you, and keep moving.  Walk and talk, don’t stop to chat!
  • If you’re playing stableford formats, pick up the ball when you are out of shots, if you’re playing betterball, pick up if you’re out of the hole.
  • If you’re playing fun golf with friends, agree to play ‘ready golf’ – play if you’re ready and it’s safe to do so.


It’s everybody’s job to take responsibility for slow play, click here for more about what you can do to make a difference.

Nobody thinks they’re a slow golfer, but we all have members of our clubs who have a reputation for slow play yet rarely tackle this tricky issue!  We all need to play our part, please do what you can to encourage everyone at your club to follow these simple practices which can save 15 minutes in every round.