By way of an explanation, the ‘Hero’s Handshake’ Award recognises young people in golf who show commitment and dedication to the game and who help support others by promoting a positive image of the sport.  The project has been key in recognising young people in golf who are doing amazing things to help grow the game and highlight the positive impact it can have on people’s lives!

Congratulations to Millie Lynsdale-Nock, a member of the Junior County Squad and a member of Horsham Golf Club, who won 1 of the 6 awards last year for remaining a positive force during lockdown by keeping fellow golf club members entertained and providing them with off course home golfing challenges. At only 12 this is a terrific achievement and an innovative idea for someone so young!

She said “I was completely shocked to receive the Hero’s Handshake award. In the first lockdown, I wanted to do something positive and fun to keep improving my golf skills. I had a new Instagram account so it seemed like the perfect thing to do: fun games you can play even in a small space. I felt honoured when the award was announced and really proud to promote a game I love so much.”

Well done Millie.