jcmw report pic 1I’m proud to say after months of preparation the squad of nine girls representing Sussex played in Junior County Match Week with skill and great heart. They were totally focused from day one and each player made a positive contribution to the final result – Runners Up and a Trophy!

Undoubtedly the home advantage helped as the girls had trained and played on the course many times, including their Championship, but the weather conditions were very challenging and on paper the opposition were stronger in some cases.

First, some facts….

  • Nine matches were decided on the 18th – we won two and halved three
  • Every girl played in at least two sessions out of the five, with only three playing all of them – a real success story for a squad system which all the girls understood from the start
  • Three girls were unbeaten, with two of them gaining 3½ points out of 4


Pat buggy JCMW 2014


My favourite memory of the week….

Watching two 12 year olds (Chloe and Annabel Fuller of Surrey) chatting as they strolled/skipped down the fairways as though they were out for a Sunday afternoon friendly (not to mention Chloe then winning on the 18th with a 20ft putt!)


What was the secret of our success this year….

Our girls were more self-sufficient and independent in their thinking; a fantastic team spirit where each girl respected and supported every other girl in the squad.

The future….

Seven of the nine girls are still eligible next year and I can think of at least another four who will seriously be challenging for a place in the squad. Training sessions are already booked for 2014/2015 at Goodwood for the Elite squad to further develop the huge potential we have.

Final thank you’s….

To the parents for their whole-hearted support of our management and our work with the girls and for the constant travelling across the County to matches, training and competitions (often at 6.00 am!) They are fantastic – well done the parents!

Pat Johns – Junior County Organiser

01273 831242 | sclgajuniororganiser@gmail.com