Hannah Duval Junior Capt 2014

Following the recent announcement that Hannah Duval of Highwoods has been appointed Sussex Junior Captain, we’re featuring her in our ‘Introducing…’ series.  She started playing at just 5 years old, hitting balls at the range and got her first handicap at 11. Hannah comments ‘my dad and brother played, being an ambitious and competitive child I thought I might as well give it a try and found out I liked it!’

What’s your favourite course in Sussex and why?

Apart from Highwoods (home course!) I really enjoy playing challenging golf courses. Royal Ashdown Forest is a great picturesque course, especially in the evening when the sun goes down. It’s a tricky course; though it has no bunkers it has a lot of heather – if you get stuck in it you have no hope!  Also I really enjoyed playing Rye last year, it’s a difficult course but very enjoyable to play in the summer. Makes you think a lot about club selection and course management as everything runs.

What’s your most memorable moment in golf?

I’ve had many achievements and funny moments including one that involved my playing partner splitting his trousers! One of my greatest moments in golf was when I beat the Under 13’s England Champion in Junior County Match Week. At the time she played off 3 and I was 8 and I managed to beat her 2&1. The experience made me believe in my ability and myself.

Could you give us some golfing advice?

The majority of golf is psychological, which can affect you emotionally. Therefore when it gets hard and tough, try and stay positive and keep your head up. I always try and keep a positive mindset, breath and count to 10, which then allows me to control my emotions and focus. Also I learnt this recently (and never understood why I didn’t use it before) to celebrate the good shots in a round – make them memorable ‘cos sometimes all players think of is the bad shots never the good ones!

What’s your aspiration for 2014?

My goal this year is to play some decent golf get to 4 handicap, I’m currently 5.6. For the team, I hope to win all our friendly matches against not only other counties but also the Sussex Boys and Sussex Ladies 2nd Team. I would also like to see an increase in our position at Junior County Match Week this year, as it is at Goodwood – where our training sessions are held.