Hannah Ralph and Jo Fife have achieved an astonishing feat in golf, 9 rounds of golf in under 16 hours and on one of the hottest days of the year.  She describes the day in her own words……

“We started at 4.15am and finished our 9th round at 19.43, an hour ahead of schedule.

Lots of people prior to the day were concerned about Thursday being the hottest day of the year but we knew we were prepared and it’s much easier to plan for than worrying about how many sets of waterproofs, gloves and towels we might need!

We drank soooo many litres of water and electrolyte drinks and nibbled on food as much as we could.  Thank goodness for the cooling towels!

5 rounds were in a buggy, two of which were the 5th & 6th rounds with Dame Laura Davies & Trish Johnson and wow, how memorable those rounds were! To have two legends of the game join us was just brilliant and personally for me a really enjoyable experience as I’m friends with Trish from my tour days.  They were both a joy to play with, good fun and chatty and they loved playing Cowdray.

We continued to play foursomes against them both and managed to win a few holes during both rounds!  Jo was the star of the day – twice my age and nursing an injury, she played fantastically all 9 rounds and wasn’t daunted by having Laura & Trish join us.

The fact we were an hour ahead when we finished, with 4 walking rounds and one being the final round, was testament to the training we have done and her overall fitness.  We scored 11 birdies and +5 was our best score. bar one round which was a little dodgy, the other scores were very consistent and respectable.

I walked at least 61,000 steps, Jo walked a few more more (little legs) and 43km!

So many people made the day possible and it truly was a day we shall never forget!  Especially birdieing the final hole – that was the perfect way to complete the day.

The total so far on JustGiving for Alzheimer’s is an incredible £8,200 and we know that we’ve reached £9,000 with other donations.   We hope that with gift aid and more donations coming in, we’ll go over £10,000.  It’s just unbelievable and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us.  If you still want to make a donation, however small, then please click on the link below –


I have been struggling to walk owing to my hips weirdly but the aches are easing and Jo’s foot is swollen but we are “still standing” and feel proud of what we have achieved…

A note to anyone thinking of a similar challenge, 9 rounds are plenty!”

We wholeheartedly congratulation Hannah and Jo for this incredible feat – check out their times in the photo below – it shows how fast a round of speed golf may be played if you really put your mind to it, and perhaps is the future for some of the younger golfers who are time pressed but need a more cardio-based game which is easier on the knees!