Not many people know this, but there are two forms of croquet: Association and Golf.  Association Croquet is the most typical form of the sport but Golf Croquet sees alternate shots played in pairs (or in singles with two balls each) – this sounds like Foursomes Golf!  Our ex-SCLGA President, Di Langridge, is a keen proponent of this form of “golf” which involves one club, one ball, less walking, no holes in one, no scrambling around in the undergrowth for lost balls, excessive rules, score cards, tee pegs, etc, etc; all in all, a perfectly acceptable form of golf…

Di took up Golf Croquet after 45 years on the golf course.  Great hand eye co-ordination often means that the skill of stick to ball can be transferred to any ball sport. To test the theory, Di invited Mel Boyse, Jane Covey and Sandra Holman for a competitive game at Reigate Priory CC against the experienced and highly competent Reigate team of Claire Brugger, Freda Knight, Judy Perry and Sue Rice. Match results are unavailable!

Striking a pose are Jane Covey, Mel Boyse, Sandra Holman and Di Langridge.