England played Ireland today in a very tense match. The Irish team were going well after beating The Netherlands the previous day but so were England.

The foursomes match was the same pairing of Caroline Berry and Julie Wheeldon from Yorkshire.  A close fought game taking them back up the 19th as the singles played out behind them.  Paula Carver was first out in the singles and played Alison Taylor who is also a rookie at this event. The two slugged it out and Ireland had the edge after 9 holes but Paula ground it out and birdied the par 5 17th to win 2&1.  Helen Lowe had a tough draw at the back against Laura Webb (who has won the British Seniors Championship for the past 2 years) but lost, and the match was level 1-1.

Aileen did not want to play the 200 yard 18th again but, guess what, it was Ground Hog day and she was dormy 1 after 17.  As Aileen was walking to the 18th tee Jackie Foster (Hertfordshire) had won her match on the 17th 2&1 so England go 2-1 up and they need a point from the foursomes who are on the 19th or Aileen.  Well was there ever any doubt?  Up she steps onto the tee and drives just left of the green.  The Irish Girl is also left but chips it too long and Aileen finishes her off with her short game.

The Foursomes match had halved the 19th and were called in by the EGA so their game was deemed a half – England have done it and won 3.5-1.5.  What a grand day to be sure!

So tomorrow England are in the final against Spain and going for the gold medal and as the sun sets on another amazing day one thing is certain, the two Sussex girls are coming home with a medal, let’s just hope it’s gold!!