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So, what’s new?
Various changes in the new Rules will affect what caddies can and can’t do to assist players in 2019:

Under new Rule 10.2b (4) once the player begins taking a stance for their stroke, and until the stroke is made, the player’s caddie must not deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball for any reason, and,

Under new Rule 14.1b, the player’s caddie will be allowed to mark and lift the player’s ball on the putting green any time the player is allowed to do so, without needing authorisation from the player.

Although a player may get advice from a caddie on the shot to be played, the line of play and similar matters, the ability to line up one’s feet and body accurately to a target line is a fundamental skill of the game for which the player alone should be responsible.

This practice has been controversial for other reasons:

Many players and others consider it to be distracting. It may delay play, such as when players wait for the caddie to confirm they are correctly aligned as part of their set-up routine.

Remember though, all of the SCLGA events prohibit the use of Caddies, and this news item is for your information only and may heighten your interest whilst watching golf live or on TV.