Sussex County Ladies' Golf Association Ltd

Division 1 Handicap

Holders: Willingdon

Secretary Division 1: Janis Kinnear
Tel: 07801 420838

For Division 1 Handicap there is a handicap index limit of 15.0 and matches will be played off handicap. The handicap index will be converted to a Course Handicap for each player using the Course Handicap Table at the course where the match is being played. The number of shots given will be equal to the full difference between the Course Handicaps of the two players. Players with a handicap index of 15.1 or higher may not play in Division 1 Handicap (subject to Rule 4 - see below). Ladies playing in Division 2 with a handicap index of 13.0 –15.0 may also play in Division 1 Handicap. 

Clubs may enter either Division 1 Scratch or Division 1 Handicap - they may not enter both Divisions.

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