The SCLGA has been concerned with the reduction of entrants in Division 1 which has reduced significantly over the past few years.  We are aware that many clubs are struggling to field a team of 7 players and would also prefer a format which gives many more of the clubs entering a realistic chance of progression to the knock-out stages of the competition.  We also recognise that some of the larger clubs have plenty of players with handicaps of less than 14 and we do not want to restrict the opportunity for these players to represent their club in Division 1.   To reflect these concerns we have decided to amend Division 1 as follows:

Division 1 will now have two sections – Division 1 Scratch and Division 1 Handicap. Clubs will need to choose which section they wish to enter – they will not be able to enter both.

Division 1 Scratch will continue to be for teams of 7, played off scratch with no handicap limit.

Division 1 Handicap will be for teams of 5 players, played off handicap, with a maximum handicap of 16.  Players with a handicap of 17 or above will not be able to play in the Division 1 Handicap team. (Please note that we cannot allow a player with a handicap of 17 or above to play with her handicap restricted to 16 because this would contravene CONGU guidance).  A club who fields a Division 1 Scratch or Handicap team can still include players who would normally play in Division 2.

We have also given considerable thought to Division 4, in particular the concerns raised regarding matches between players of very different handicaps, but having examined the handicap profile of players who have played in Division 4 this year, we have decided not to make any changes on this occasion.

Divisions 2, 3 and 4 will therefore be as follows:

Division 2 – teams of 7, no player under a handicap of 14, played off scratch.
Division 3 – teams of 7, no player under a handicap of 21, played off scratch.
Division 4 – teams of 5, any handicap up to 36, played off handicap.

As in previous years, a player who plays for Division 4 may not play for her club in any other Divisions.

The entry form for 2020 Competitions has been sent to your club, and the deadline for return and payment is Monday 7th October.  Clubs may enter two teams for Division 4 but only one team for Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

We are also making a small modification to the entry for the Scratch Foursomes for 2020.  From 2021 the format of County Match week is changing which will lead to more focus on foursomes play.  We are keen that our low handicap players have as much opportunity as possible to play competitive foursomes matches.  As a result,  we have decided that any player whose Home Club has not entered a team may join up with a player from another club who is in the same position and enter as an independent pair. An entry form will be on the website for this in due course.

Clubs may still enter two teams for the Scratch Foursomes.