SCLGA Division 1 Handicap

Inter-Club Division Championship 2021


Secretary Division 1: Bali Bassan  01273 566642

To download a Division1 Handicap (2021) team result sheet click here.

For Division 1 Handicap there is a handicap index limit of 16.4 and matches will be played off handicap. The handicap index will be converted to a Course Handicap for each player using the Course Handicap Table at the course where the match is being played – this will be equal to a player’s handicap index adjusted to reflect the slope rating of the course and rounded to a whole number.  The number of shots given will be equal to the full difference between the Course Handicaps of the two players.  Players with a handicap index of 16.5 or higher may not play in Division 1 Handicap.  Ladies playing in Division 2 with a handicap index of 13.5 – 16.4 may also play in Division 1 Handicap.

Clubs may enter either Division 1 Scratch or Division 1 Handicap – they may not enter both Divisions.

2021 Group Stage

All teams play all the other teams in their group home and away, with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.  The winner from each group goes through to the knockout stage.  Click to download the Division Rules for 2021.

All group matches to be played by 30th June 2021.


Knockout Stage

Progression to semi-finals

There will be no quarter finals. The team with the most match points in the group will go through to semi-finals. If there is a draw on match points, individual game points will count followed by individual away game points. If there is still a draw situation, a play-off on a neutral course will be arranged by the Division Secretary.

If the full draw has fewer than 4 groups, the best runner/s up will go through to the knock-out stage. The best runner/s up is the team (excluding those who have won their group) who have the highest average number of match points per match played and if two or more teams have the same average it is then the team with the highest average number of game points per match played.  If there is still a tie it is the highest average number of away games points per match played.