Dev Squad Nov 1 The Development Squad recently attended their training day at Mid Sussex, here’s the report from our Rookie Reporter Dominique Froud…..

We started the morning off with a team chat and an overview of our day with Kieron Judges (the ‘big ginger’). He handed out personal score sheets for different tasks such as driving, long putting, pitching and 1-10ft putting.

We started with the driving, where we tested how straight we could hit the ball. Becky was the winner with a brilliant score! Meanwhile Anya and I were strengthening our core with some SOLID hula-hooping:)

Kieron filmed all our swings on the flight scope which we then watched back and were given improvements to work on. Next we did some putting challenges, including holing out 1-10ft putts – which was surprisingly hard! Millie did great on this test and scored 8/10! We did a few other tasks such as pitching, before the rain started to attack us so we sprinted inside.

We discusDev Squad Nov 2sed our results and devoured jacket potatoes with beans and cheese. As it was still pouring down Sarah and Christine decided to do a team quiz Dom’s team vs Anya’s team. We had some funny answers but at the end what we gathered was if in doubt, it’s a 2 shot penalty and Anna’s got a brilliant impression of fredo’s:) Finally we went down to the range again and did Sarah’s team vs Christine’s team – it was really close with some tight umpiring, but in sudden death Christine’s team grabbed the win!

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day with some hilarious moments and some fab golf. Thanks to Kieron for some great teaching and input. Many thanks to Sarah Cooper-Olsen and Christine Knight for organising the session.

The next Development Squad session January 11th. If you are interested in attending contact Sarah Cooper-Olsen

Girls who took part:

  • Rebecca Losh (Worthing) handicap 27
  • Anya Olsen (Worthing) handicap 12
  • Millie Groves (Copthorne) handicap 18
  • Anna Wills (East Sussex National) handicap 28
  • Dominque Froud (West Sussex) handicap 17
  • Olivia Clegg (Cottesmore) handicap 36