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Coaching Clinics

Friday 26th April with Karen Francis

Our popular Coaching Clinics are informal and fun and are designed to keep things simple for all abilities to improve your game.  We’ve two exciting sessions in 2019, the first with Sports Psychologist, Karen Francis:

Friday 26th April is aimed to help you believe in your own abilities and “retrain your brain” to allow your shot making skills to perform under pressure, add some understanding for the skills needed to manage those “awkward lies” and ensure you’re prepared to handle the upcoming season of competition and fun golf.

This interactive session from 10.00 – 12.00 at Mid-Sussex Golf Club will comprise of 1 hour with Karen Francis, Sports Psychologist, who says:

“My subject is Pay Attention. If we focus on 5 key areas we will perform better and remain calm and relaxed on the golf course. For most of us who have played for a while we know that we can hit a ball but when it really matters this can be challenging.  Why is this so when we can hit great shots on the driving range and when playing friendlies?  Unfortunately, our brains like to keep busy and are at their best when pointing out threats which is really not helpful on the golf course! So, by training your brain to focus in on what is important you will find that you can perform at your best, even when you are under pressure.

My one-hour talk will be interactive and fun and include tools and strategies to help you train your brain to success!  I will also provide you with handouts.”

Karen Francis is an Anxiety & Performance Specialist who has been playing and competing in golf at county level for over 20 years and she is passionate about helping everyone to enjoy this brilliant game.


The second hour with Lee Andrews is entitled “Awkward Lies” and Lee will cover playing the ball on sloping lies; uphill, downhill, your ball above your feet and below your feet. How you should adopt your set up to give you the best chance of making a good contact.  In this session we will also talk about lies in the rough and fairways bunkers


Meet at 9.30am for a 10am start, this will be followed by 9 holes after a break for lunch.


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Thursday 3rd October

The 2nd session of 2019 is on Thursday 3rd October and by popular demand is a repeat of the October 2018 session when Lee Andrews will be covering all aspects of the Short Game: chipping vs pitching, bunker shots made easy and will include challenging but fun “putting stations” on the practice green which will help you with alignment, slope, pace and how to read the greens.

This will be followed by 9 holes after a break for lunch.

Meet at 9.30am for 10-12 coaching, lunch, first tee-time is 1pm.

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