Day 2 of the County Champs has been the total opposite of Day 1’s weather with beautiful blue skies and sunshine with a gentle breeze. The matches were close. The last pair out in the morning Rosie Hockey and Heather Tidy had a nail-biting match and had to go back down the 1st to decide who would go through to the quarter finals of the Championship. Rosie prevailed.

Players through to the Championship quarter finals were, Brandy Rook, Yasmin Hang, Katherine Russell, Clarissa Bushell, Chloe Briance, Katie Field, Paula Carver and Rosie Hockey.

Those that didn’t win their morning match played in the afternoon quarter finals of the Championship Plate: Emma Morgan, Tracy Poulsom, Charlotte Topping, Lindsay Young, Sian Southerton, Holly Crompton, Emma Whitlock, and Heather Tidy

During the quarter finals was another nail biter of a finish of the Championship with Brandy Rook and Yasmin Hang going up the 19th. Yasmin managed to secure her place in the semi-final to be played on Sunday 6th.

Semi-finals of the Championship Plate commence at 9.00 on Sunday 6th June with Tracy Poulsom v Charlotte Topping in the first match followed by Holly Crompton v Emma Whitlock at 9.10. The Championship semi-finals commences at 9.20 with Yasmin Hang v Clarissa Bushell off first followed by Chloe Briance v Paula Carver.

The afternoon play commences at 1.45 with the finalists playing for the Championship Plate followed by the final of the Championship at 2pm.

SCLGA Championship Semi-Finalists

Championship Plate Semi-Finalists

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