The Coronavirus is forecast to spread rapidly. During this period of uncertainty the SCLGA wants to ensure that we protect the well-being of all our players, non-players and families by following the Government’s advice.

If anyone has recently travelled to any of the affected areas, or has knowingly come into contact with other people who may have done so, we request that they avoid playing in county matches or events until it can be confirmed that they are not carrying the virus or they have completed the recommended 14 day self-isolation period. Similarly, anyone feeling any cold or flu like symptoms should also refrain from any county events or matches.

At this stage we will not be cancelling any matches or competitions and we ask that players apply common sense and respect the guidelines as per paragraph 2 above.

These guidelines will stay in place until further notice and we will endeavour to keep players informed should the position change. This looks like a fast moving situation and we urge everyone to keep up to date with and follow Government advice. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.