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Champion 2018 - Chloe Briance

County Champion 2018 Chloe Briance

Chloe BriancePyecombe2018
Brandy RookLittlehampton2017Mrs P RiddifordWest Sussex1972
Chelsea MastersWest Sussex2016Miss E MountainRye1971
Chelsea MastersIfield2015Miss P TredinnickWorthing1970
Alice BarnesEast Brighton2014Miss A BrownPiltdown1969
Karen SykesDyke2013Mrs P RiddifordWest Sussex1968
Katherine RussellCooden Beach2012Mrs P RiddifordCooden Beach1967
Stacey RodgerWest Sussex2011Mrs P RiddifordCrowborough1966
Aileen GreenfieldCrowborough Beacon2010Miss P TredinnickLittlehampton1965
Hannah RalphHighwoods2009Mrs P RiddifordRoyal Ashdown Forest1964
Hannah RalphCowdray Park2008Miss P TredinnickWest Sussex1963
Aileen GreenfieldSeaford2007Mrs P RiddifordCooden1962
Stacey RodgerDyke2006Mrs P RiddifordLittlehampton1961
Hannah RalphWorthing2005Miss B StrangeSeaford1960
Jo SummersCrowborough Beacon2004Mrs J HayterPiltdown1959
Karen SykesHighwoods 2003Miss B StrangeWorthing1958
Aileen GreenfieldRoyal Ashdown Forest2002Miss B StrangeSeaford1957
Chloe CourtWorthing2001Miss J YuilleCrowborough Beacon1956
Chloe CourtCooden Beach2000Mrs J Grant WhiteWest Sussex1955
Paula CarverCopthorne1999Mrs M GroomRoyal Ashdown Forest1954
Jo GalwayCrowborough Beacon1998Mrs P RiddifordCrowborough1953
Chloe CourtDyke1997Mrs R DennierWorthing1952
Chloe CourtSeaford1996Mrs R DennierSeaford1951
Miss Z SteelWest Sussex1995Mrs L JerdeinCrowborough Beacon1950
Miss J HeadGoodwood1994Mrs L JerdeinWest Sussex1949
Miss C TitcombRoyal Eastbourne1993Mrs S ClearyCooden Beach1948
Miss J HeadLittlehampton1992Mrs R Dennier
Miss K MitchellRoyal Ashdown Forest1991Miss R PowellSeaford1939
Miss M CorneliusCooden Beach1990Miss B NorrisWorthing1938
Miss M CorneliusWorthing1989Miss B NorrisCooden Beach1937
Miss M CorneliusDyke1988Mrs D Grant-WhiteRoyal Ashdown Forest1936
Miss K MitchellRoyal Ashdown Forest1987Mrs V DaviesWest Sussex1935
Miss M CorneliusSeaford1986Mrs GallatleyRye1934
Miss N WayNevill1985Mrs L Rowand HarkerWest Hove1933
Miss C RolphLittlehampton1984Mrs V DaviesCooden Beach1932
Miss M GallagherEast Brighton1983Mrs F de WintonWorthing1931
Mrs C LarkinRoyal Ashdown Forest1982Miss C ArcherRoyal Ashdown Forest1930
Mrs C LarkinWillingdon1981Mrs O HambroCooden Beach1929
Miss C PierceWorthing1980Miss S MarshallSeaford1928
Mrs S SuttonCooden Beach1979Mrs V DaviesLittlehampton1927
Mrs J TateWest Sussex1978Mrs F de WintonRoyal Ashdown Forest1926
Miss S BamfordWest Sussex1977Mrs V DaviesSeaford1925
Mrs C LarkinSeaford1976Miss W Sarson Brighton & Hove1924
Mrs S TredinnickRoyal Ashdown Forest1975Miss C ArcherSeaford1923
Mrs P RiddifordDyke1974
Mrs P RiddifordPiltdown1973