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So Sue has named her team for County Week at Muswell Hill so this means two things – the girls are on countdown and the blog from inside the ropes returns, so let’s introduce you to our team including the chiefs:

  • Sue (Virgin Captain) Todd
  • Mel (Presidente) Boyse
  • Brenda (Past It Captain) Gilbey
  • Alice (Long ‘Un) Barnes – our new Champ leading us from the front!
  • Aileen (A) Greenfield – Doris 1
  • Karen (Bear) Sykes – Doris 2
  • Katherine (Where’s Katherine?) Russell
  • Nikki (no more juniors) Purton
  • Amber (Bambi) Cockram
  • Jelina (Newbie) Fernando
  • Chelsea (No – I am not named after the team my Dad supports) Masters
  • Emma (Boom Boom) Carberry
  • Paula (PC) Carver – newly crowned Doris 3 and your Blogger from inside the ropes


Sussex pride ourselves on having team spirit, it’s like having an extra man. We have team spirit in abundance, so we are ready to rumble!!!  Please come with us on our journey through the week and the build up to it, it’s going to be emotional!!
Blogger Carver