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singing hills CW games groupThe ladies of Singing Hills plus invited guests entered into the spirit of the recent Commonwealth Games when members Sandy Fell and Jill Miles created a themed fun golf day to raise money for UNICEF. Teams of three played as Commonwealth countries, with some highly creative and fun costumes as everyone entered into the spirit of the day resplendent with their flags.

All teams had a joker hole which doubled their score, and the sporting challenges including a ‘speed hole’ to gain points for the three team members all playing a par 3 in the least time (Wales SH Commonwealth games walesmanaged it in just 1 minute 2 seconds, a full 33 seconds faster than their time in the 2012 Olympics!) Pictured left, the team representing Wales (Sarah May, Jill Miles and Linda Whapham)

The other sporting challenges included a ‘javelin’ hole with a ‘free throw’ after the drive (especially useful if the drive was in the rough…) and the ‘bowls’ hole where competitors had to bowl rather than putt once they got to the green!

singing hills CW games bowling



Pictured below, the New Zealand team (Christine Sandford, Pippa Tennant and Nikki Henley) doing the famous ‘Haka’ to frighten off the competition!singing hills cw games NZ


With 33 ladies representing 11 countries of the Commonwealth, £90 was raised for UNICEF