The average player has a hole-in-one once out of every 12,500 rounds of golf.  No wonder then, that holes in one are such a celebrated achievement!  While some lucky players may record several hole-in-ones during their lifetime, the reality is that most of us won’t ever experience the thrill of one on a par 3.

So the news that Chloe Briance (Bognor GC) has had 6th hole-in-one is an amazing feat – and statistically unique!  It happened last week on the 135 yard, 2nd hole, where Chloe hit a 7 iron with the intention of flying the ball onto the green. Chloe reports that she’d walked away in disgust as it wasn’t a good shot, it just cleared the bunkers, landed on the green and rolled into the cup! It’s a funny old game….many holes-in-one aren’t shots of beauty but it’s the score that counts!

Holes-in-one are special as they’re so rare – this one for Chloe was made even more special as it was her first at Bognor!