jcmw report pic 5Hannah Duval Junior Capt 2014Wow – what a week it has been for the Sussex Girls!

I can honestly say that it has been an honour to lead such a united, cohesive and spirited team for my last year as a Sussex Girl and as ‘Captain Duval’. Everyone has played some immense golf this week and for some, the best I have ever seen them play!

To name a few:
• Maddy (Midget 2) – was rolling them birdie putts in every time I watched #betheball
• Brandy & Chloe (Rookies) – holing 20 foot putts on the 18th to win the hole
• Lauren (Another Rookie) – thrashing all her opponents! (We learnt not to mess with her)

jcmw Girls plates 2014


It was an extremely challenging week with great opposition and hurricane winds from Bertha! But we all worked so well as team and 2nd place was a fantastic and well deserved result – making my last year a memorable, entertaining and fun one.


jcmw report start picThe week wouldn’t have run so smoothly without Pat, Sue, Brenda and the crazy Sussex ladies – thank you so much. Your support and commitment throughout the week really pushed us girls to not only do it for ourselves but for the county too. A special thank you goes to Grace and Nikki for all their hard work and dedication in the office.

Lastly, I would like to say a massive thank you to my girls! Not only for playing AMAZINGLY but for the gifts that were so unexpected and heart felt. You are all stars (not hackers!) And I wish you all the luck next year and I know you’ll go out there with more fighting spirit and SMASH IT! GO SUSSEX!!!
#allaboutthebirdiefinish #betheball #sussexhackers #teachme

To reflect on some highlights of the week:jcmw report pic 3
• Jelina’s butt cramp dance at 3am
• The Frozen singsong
• The game of forks – dangerous don’t play at home
• The hurricane wind guessing game
• The Captain Duval Putting tips – #teachme
• Pat’s crazy buggy driving – breaking the Sussex flag pole
• The dreaded 17th – enough said
• The Loom Band
• The amount of selfies taken – not just the players but by Sue and Grace!

Once again thank you – it’s been a pleasure and I hope everyone has a great rest of the season!
Captain Duval. Aka The Boss.