Day 3 is another day and a different challenge in the guise of Hampshire. Myself and Chelsea had a lovely lie in as we were rested for the foursomes.

clarissa 2014Our special guest today is Clarissa Bushell sporting a very posh shooting stick! She reminds us old ‘uns of Carol Larkin back in the day. We were very disappointed that she never brought us a home bake!!!

Good news though, after some serious shocking yellow strapping the thoroughbred can canter – that’s good enough – you’re in! She is back with Doris 2 (aka Karen), the happy couple are reunited – it’s a beautiful thing! As a team we owe our throughbred so much for playing through the pain barrier. We love you A!

So we have on the starting grid – Emma & Jelina, Alice & Nikki and bringing up the rear – the Dorises 1 & 2!  foursomes win CMW 2014Emma and Jelly Baby (Jelina) come up against a powerhouse of Kerry Smith and Aimee Pointee who were 3 under at the end. Alice and Nikki were the heroes by getting us our 1st foursomes point – hallelujah! We knew it would come eventually, all good things come to those who wait.

Aileen floored CMW 2014The Dorises put up a brave fight but just couldn’t quite do it. You know its a true friendship when Karen put A in the bunker, the trouble is she couldn’t get out so her best friend had to haul her out – that’s 37 years of friendship right there – tugs at your heart strings.

So yet another pow wow, the United Nations have nothing on us!

Emma is in pole position and secures a vital half point against Georgie Mundy who is just the nicest person. Jelly Baby, who continues to go from strength to strength, comes up against one of the most experienced and well decorated member of Hampshire’s team. Being only 16 she has no idea what Kerry has achieved – England player, GB&I, Curtis Cup but the little superstar gave as good as she got and lost to Kerry who made a birdie on the last. There were a few tears – told you it was going to be emotional! When reality sets in Jelly Baby will realise ‘the girl done good’. Sympathy is over rated, move on.

We are a team of halves and Amber got another one so we are on a roll.  Katherine plays well again and doesn’t give us heart failure today by waiting for the final putt.  Chelsea is steady as a rock and brings home another point – Mags, the Hampshire Captain, is starting to sweat (sorry perspire – she’s a lady!)

Alice comes up against someone who is a match for Karen on the putting – she holes everything, gets up and down from every where – you have to see it to believe it! Our champ is a credit to us and takes it in her stride – that’s a big stride (been waiting all week to get that in!).

So another thriller in Manila aka Muswell Hill – 5-4.  But as Karen’s Dad used to say ‘If you win it’s a bonus, tomorrow is another day!’

So we are now in the bowling alley, this is not a jolly but a way for us to practice our putting alignment – we are always trying…. Strike!!!!

Tomorrow is our well earned rest day so we are off to the big smoke – the Country Girls Meet City – is London ready?

Then Friday we are back to business against Middx.  We will be back soon bloggers… PC