CMW 2014 selfie tuesdayAnother sleepless night, but sadly, not in Seattle! We woke up to bright sunshine and off we went to Muswell Hill. You can tell we are from the country, because Karen has no idea what a bus lane is, and just drives in them oblivious (ahhhh, soooooo sweet!)

We took our thoroughbred Aileen for a little trot round the paddock, but sadly she is trotting with a little limp in the forelock, so she has been rested today.  Obviously more interested in her selfie!

We had a drama this morning, Stamford (who is Chelsea’s headcover) was kidnapped in the night.  Police were not called, but Chelsea stamped her feet and refused to play until he was returned safe and well. Thankfully, the kidnappers returned him unharmed (no ransom demanded, that’s odd?) thank heavens for that, not pretty, that girl can sure stomp!

So, the day moves on, and…. we have to play golf.  For the foursomes, we had Alice & Chelsea, Emma & Paula, Karen & Amber. There is no pretty way to put this……. but we got beat 3-0, subject closed.

And then the special guest star arrived – our Presidente Mel Boyse has flown in. I am very surprised she agreed to come, as when she was our Captain (way back when) and we came to Middx, her black bra was seen hanging out of her hotel window for all the truckers on the A4 to see!! That went down in Sussex history – welcome back Mel, you are a legend in your own lifetime!

We also had some other VIP’s come and support – Jane (Past It, Past It Captain) Covey , Di Langridge, Ann and John Carnegie, Alice’s Mum and Dad, Emma’s Mum and our No 1 supporter – Sam. We really appreciate your support and coming so far to walk the fairways with us.

So after (another) pow-wow at lunch – it’s all change. Emma is promoted to No 1, as our Champ Alice needs a rest, but Emma just lost out. Jelina, the teenage sensation/revelation went No 2 and shot 2 over for a stonking win – it was all down to her caddy (Nikki P) apparently. Chelsea was, as ever, steady and clawed her way back and got a half. Amber played her first singles match with another stonking 5&4 win, so congrats to her. Then came the excitement – we are fighting back! Carver (aka Doris 3) was down but dug deep and got a half on the 18th and showed them youngsters what a real fist pump is! Then Katherine hit a stunning bunker shot on 17 to go 1 up. She kept it together on the 18th to win her match (but she really needs to learn how to fist pump – team lessons later tonight!)

So we dug deep, fought hard and chased them down. We eventually lost 5-4 but boy, did we make a good go of it and went down fighting!

So we are now tucking into Nosh @ Nandos – someone has had to explain the Chiefs how to order. Sue (Toddlers) announced ‘if she eats any more chicken, she is going to lay an egg’. Dinner is here – need to scoff and get my latest dispatch off to Ed Grindell ‘cos she nags me.

We are down but not out – brace yourself, it’s still emotional!  PC