Someone told us we were playing at Muswell Hill in the UK, they lied!

We are convinced that we have been playing in doris netFlorida today – it’s steaming hot and we stink!  Last night we couldn’t sleep it was sooooo hot. The windows only open 6 inches and we have no air con – what sort of establishment is this for top athletes?!  Warmest day of the year at 26 degrees apparently says the BBC weather man….

It has been one travesty after another – breakfast wasn’t ready at 6.30, Sue (Toddlers) left the key to the food locker at the hotel and won ‘faff of the day’ bar none – managing to spill her tea down her new County Captain shirt.

There is a rumour of photographic evidence 0f Karen stretching in her room at 6am – I can’t confirm or deny!

So we trot off to Muswell Hill, there are only 3 nets for all the Counties and, like the Germans, the Dorises are in there first, the photo proves it for our readers.

So to the foursomes – Alice and Chelsea go first and are quickly 2 up – here we go, here we go, here we go!! My partner Emma rakes in a birdie putt on the 1st and all is well with the world……

Then the world fell in and our putts never dropped.  At 3-0 down at lunch, we had a total shake up for the afternoon. Our thoroughbred Aileen went lame this morning so had to limp out of this afternoon. We have shoved horse pills down her and packed her ankle in ice so she looks gorgeous with a Sainsbury’s bag wrapped round her ankle – best she can offer is support from the buggy.

This is a brilliant opportunity to pitch our new players against one of the top sides to show them the standard of golf required to play at this level. What a brilliant idea that was!  Our newbie Jelina won her first CMW game and rookie no2 Nikki took an England player pretty much all the way. Well done to you both and welcome to the big time for many years to come we hope. Amber’s turn will be coming soon and we can’t wait!  Chelsea won this afternoon which was awesome and poor Alice, having shot level par, lost to a player who shot 4 under.

This has been the hardest blog to write in 2 years losing 7-2.

But hey – we are Sussex: we will stand tall; are proud and happy win or lose, it’s not over yet.  Bring it on!!!