WelcCMW 2014 selfieome to Counties Week 2014 from the Team.

Sit back, fasten your seat belt and ensure you know where the emergency exit is as it might be behind you!

We have all arrived safely having done battle with the A4 which is square roundabouts and speed cameras all the way. Karen and Aileen didn’t take the M1 turn off, like they did at the practice weekend, and headed towards Birmingham – which is a long way away!

We have some special guest appearances that have arrived today. Sandra (Chief Trolley Organiser – a VIP to us players) Holman and Hannah (can never get a sun tan) Ralph.

We have had to put our kit on and make ourselves look beautiful for the official photo, a few of us have been to the hairdressers this week and those who have nails, have painted them blue then yellow. Luckily Alice is Champion and gets to sit down so we don’t have to look small next to her. We all breathe in, chests out!! Cheeeeeeeese!!!

Then after a quick change we are ready for our practice round. This gives us a looksie at the course again, the speed of the greens and we can map it out i.e. slope of the greens, is it a driver off the tee, don’t remember that tree being there! We also think that if we are picked for foursomes do we want to do odds or evens (unless of course, if you play with Karen, then you always get the odds ‘cos she won’t play the first!)

We head off to our hotel and start the job of lugging clubs, batteries, chargers, suitcases to our rooms i.e. up 3 flights of stairs or battle with a lift which is no bigger than a chemical toilet! Aileen has a suitcase which we think contains another team member.  We all share, it’s a cosy team, two team members even share bath water – quaint!!!

We have a team briefing in Sue’s (toddlers) room and find out the team for the 1st day foursomes:

  • Alice and Chelsea
  • Emma and Paula
  • Karen and Aileen


We have our arch rivals Surrey tomorrow.  You can be sure that all of us will work as a team and give 110% for Sussex.  So only 12 hours till kick off. Sit back, brace yourself – it’s going to be emotional!!!

If you have any questions for any of us then click here to let Kay know  and we will answer them for you.  Time for bed as it’s an early start. PC