Order of Merit

The 1st Team


1st Team Order of Merit (OOM)

The County 1st Team is selected using the Order of Merit (OOM) which provides a measure of the most successful and committed players as well as provide a clear and transparent process for selection. Any player with a handicap of 3.4 and under is eligible to participate in the Sussex OOM and players are awarded points for their performance.

The top four players are selected to play in County Match Week, the remaining team places are chosen by the selection committee.  It commences after the Championship, and a trophy is awarded to the winner of the OOM each year.  The 2018 winner of the Trophy is Brandy Rook.

Players must register with the OOM Organiser at sclgaoom@gmail.com and any player reducing their handicap should inform the OOM Organiser if they wish to be included.  Further details can be found on the following links:

NB. Players of handicap 3 and lower interested in playing for the County 1st Team must register for the Order of Merit and be available for County Match Week.  It is the player’s responsibility to register and advise of any performances to be included by notifying sclgaoom@gmail.com.   Players who do not meet the criteria may jeopardise their place in the team.

NB Juniors are in italics