The ladies received a warm welcome at Cooden Beach for the yearly match against the men’s Scratch Team.  The format was foursomes matchplay in the morning and singles matchplay in the afternoon played off scratch.  Just to make the matches more interesting we played the ‘2 up rule’ so that any competitor going 2 up in a match then gave a shot on the following hole.  This ensured that all the matches at least went to the 17th hole and everyone kept their pride intact!

The ladies team were:

Chloe Briance
Heather Tidy
Fenella Buss
Lizzie Price
Elodie Jane Yates
Alice Barnes
Jacs Marlio
Holly Crompton

The Cooden Beach Scratch Team were victorious with a final tally of 8.5 – 3.5 however they brought in two ‘ringers’ who were the club professionals! The Cooden field also had the youngest (Will) and the oldest (Rodger with an dodgy foot) who opted rather unwisely not to take a buggy in the afternoon match against Fenella. He unexpectedly lost his trolley on the 8th when it disappeared into the lake but Chloe rather enjoyed the challenge of retrieving it from the penalty area rather than a golf ball!

We thank Cooden Beach for their hospitality and a delicious lunch.  The course was in stunning condition, green and lush.  We look forward to next year’s match.