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2nd Team



Tessa Stockwell, 2nd Team Manager welcomes Sarah Park (Cooden Beach), Sara Whittaker (Willingdon) and Anya Olsen (Worthing) in to the County 2nd Team for 2018.  She hopes that her very successful squad will retain the Stovold Trophy for the 4th year running.

Tessa is stepping down from her role at the end of the season and is pleased that Sandra Holman (Past County Captain) will be taking over as 2nd Team Manager.

2nd Team Matches 2018

23 JulySussex vs Surrey (Away)LeatherheadLost 0.5 - 8.5
27 JulySussex vs Middlesex (Home)Cowdray GolfWon 6 - 3
2 AugustSussex vs Kent (Away)RedlibbetsWon 5.5 - 3.5
20 AugustSussex vs Hants (Home)LittlehamptonWon 5.5 - 3.5
21 October1st Team vs 2nd TeamCowdray Golf

2018 Match Reports

23rd July v Surrey

Our first match this year in the Stovold Trophy was against Surrey at Leatherhead Golf Club.  The weather forecasters had predicted it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year – it did not disappoint!  It was around 30 degrees!

The pairings saw Sally Brown and Tracy Poulsom lead the way in the morning foursomes, with Kathy Donohoe and Sang Porter hot on their heals.  Suzanne Taylor paired up with newcomer Sarah Park at the back – her first introduction to the Stovold competition.

Unfortunately, none of the matches went our way and we found ourselves 3-0 down!  Hopes were high for the afternoon singles and we were confident that we could claw it back!  All of the matches were really close with only one or two shots in it!  When it is not your day – it really does seem unjust!  The bounces helped Surrey but bounced into trouble for Sussex!  We lost heavily with only Kathy Donohoe coming in with a half.  That was our only game!

27th July v Middlesex

The 2nd match in the Stovold Trophy was against Middlesex at Cowdray Park Golf Club.  Another very hot and humid day greeted us, so bottles of ice cold water were in abundance!!!

The morning foursomes were closely contested but unfortunately Sussex lost 2-1.  A good start for newcomer Sara Whittaker who won her match with Alison Vermes 5 & 4.  The heat was having an affect with 2 of the Middlesex girls not feeling well.   Corrine May could not continue for the afternoon match, so Match Manager, Christine Tyler took her place.

In the afternoon the weather decided to throw us a swerve ball!  It become colder, windier, then we heard the thunder and some say they saw lightning! I know we needed rain but not now!!!  Fortunately it seemed to move round the course and the teams were able to continue!

We kept up the pressure with a 3 & 2 by Suzanne Taylor.  Alison Vermes quickly followed with a 5 & 3 win.  Sara Whittaker won 6 & 4 and Sian Southerton won 3 & 2.  Leanne Caffyn was 4 down with 5 to play and came in victorious.  True Sussex grit!  Tracy Poulsom’s opponent’s battery died on the 4th hole, so they both had to wait for me to drive home and fetch mine as the club had all the trolleys and batteries taken.  The poor girls were way behind but arrived back at the club looking a little bedraggled! Middlesex won that match on the 17th.  Well done Tracy for sticking with it.  They came in to find that there had been a power cut in the Clubhouse!  Fortunately chef Jon had already decanted hot water into urns that kept hot!  So the hot cups of tea/coffee with cake were very welcoming! Final result 6-3 to Sussex.

Our next match is against Kent on Thursday 2nd August at Redlibbets GC.

2nd August v Kent

It was yet another very warm day when the 2nd Team played their penultimate match in the Stovold Trophy.  The first hurdle was trying to find the course!  The sat nav took the team up a very narrow ‘one-way’ road that went on for miles!  It was thought there couldn’t be much traffic at 7.45 in the morning.  No such luck!  2 cars and 2 lorries to negotiate!  The players were all very relieved to reach their lovely clubhouse and welcomed with bacon rolls and that first cup of coffee!

The morning foursomes teed off in very hot weather.  Sally Brown and Tracy Poulsom came in first with a good win of 5 & 4.  Unfortunately, Holly Crompton and Rosie Hockey suffered a similar defeat.  It was all down to the final match, where Katherine Russell and Sarah Park ended up with a half.  Honours even then after the morning foursomes.

Sally Brown went out first in the afternoon singles and walked in 12 holes later with a resounding 7 & 6 win!  A great start!  All the remaining matches were ebbing and flowing.  Rosie Hockey was the next player in with a 4 & 2 win. Holly gained us a hard-fought half while Tracy was 2 down with 2 play.  She fought to the end and gained another great half.  That was 4½ points, and then Katherine Russell brought home the final match with another win. The final result was 5½ to 3½ to Sussex.

The final match is against Hampshire on Monday 20th August at Littlehampton.

20th August v Hampshire

To arrive at Littlehampton Golf Club to find it no wind was very unexpected!  After the wonderful bacon sandwiches and coffee, the teams set off to play the morning foursomes.

It all started off very well – we were up in all 3 matches at the halfway point and the team held their nerve and brought in 3 great wins!  A wonderful start!

After lunch the girls played their singles matches. Sally Brown led the way playing Elaine Barrow.  Within 2 hours they were playing the 14th hole with Sally 3 up.  They must have been playing on roller skates as they left the rest for dead!  By the 16th she had won – so only one more match for the victory!

Now the Hampshire team were fighting back! Sian Southerton took Julie Cole to the 18th only to lose her match!  Leanne Caffyn had a similar problem and lost on the 16th!  Where was the one game going to come from!  Newcomer Anya Olsen was battling hard and managed to halve her match with Dawn Hodge.  So only a half to win with 2 matches still being played!  Knowing that Sarah Park was down but fighting back, our fingers were crossed.  Then came the shout that Holly Crompton had won her match on the 16th– so victory was ours!

Well done team – 3 wins out of 4!  We have 3 points and 17.5 games.  This leaves Surrey with 2 matches in hand, on 2 points and the same number of games, so it is now in their hands!

I would also like to thank all of those who have been involved in the County 2nd Team over the last 5 years!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and I would like to wish Sandra Holman the very best of luck for 2019 and beyond!

Tessa Stockwell 22nd August 2018




2017 Report – Winning the Stovold Trophy

What another amazing year!  Winning the Stovold Trophy for the third year in a row is beyond our wildest dreams!

The matches were condensed into 2 very short weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August.  It began at Whyke Green GC where we beat a strong Middlesex team 7½ to 1½.  It was a good start.  5 days later we played Kent at Sweetwoods.  This was a great win against a strengthening side and we won 6½ to 2½.  2 out of 2 wins – all was going well.  Then 3 days later we played Hampshire at Stoneham!  What a wonderful course!  This was a very close fought match and unfortunately, we lost 5-4, but if we were to lose, this scoreline wasn’t the end of the world.  Our last match was against our old rivals, Surrey.  This was played on 7th August at Cowdray.  Again, it was expected to be a close match as it has always been in the past.  After the morning foursomes we were 2-1, so we only needed 3 matches to win, which we did!

As the scores were so close, it was all down to Surrey’s match against Kent which was played on 24th August.  As long as Kent did not win more than 5 games, we were the winners!  Surrey fought hard and only lost 5-4 which meant we were victorious yet again.  But … by the closest of margins – by half a game!

Congratulations to all the players who made this possible – Kathy Donohoe, Sang Porter, Suzanne Taylor, Nikki Dudman, Alison Vermes, Tracy Poulsom, Sally Brown and to the newcomers for 2017, Sian Southerton, Leanne Caffyn and Holly Crompton.  Well done team!!!

To view all the results click here.

Tessa Stockwell, 2nd Team Manager

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