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Plan Ahead for SCLGA Comps 2018

As we pack away our summer golfing paraphernalia and don our under-armour, cashmere socks, boots, hats, mittens and hand warmers for winter golf, you may like to think about golfing plans for next Spring and Summer!  We know many of you have busy diaries, so why not look at the events for 2018 and book a day out with your friends.

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SCLGA Appoints Welfare Officer

We are delighted to announce that Richard Wilson will be the Welfare Officer for Sussex County Golf.  He will work with the Sussex County Ladies Golf Association and the Sussex County Golf Union to ensure that all our golf clubs provide a safe, happy and non-discriminate environment for our junior golfers.

Richard is a member of Nevill and Littlestone Golf Clubs, he is presently captain at Nevill GC and before that was Junior Organiser for both Nevill and West Kent Golf Clubs.  He retired from Kent Police two years ago having worked as a detective on Child Protection.

If you wish to contact Richard you can email him by clicking here or on his mobile 07570 584191 with your questions or queries.


Junior Girls Winter Coaching

The Winter Junior Coaching sessions take place with Lee Andrews at Mid-Sussex GC.  Lee welcomes all abilities, from beginners without an official handicap to those juniors with a handicap, click for the Winter Coaching Application Form.

We’re also looking for ‘improving’ juniors to join the Sussex Golf Junior Academy in 2018.  If you, or anyone you know, is a junior golfer looking to progress and develop their skills, play and learn more about golf as well as meet other girls to have fun playing, the Junior Academy is just the place.

If you have any questions, please email Christine Knight or call 01403 262194.


“Ready Golf”!

The R&A is continuing it’s efforts to provide guidance on improving the pace of play through it’s “Ready golf” initiative.  It’s a commonly used term which encourages players to play when they are ready to do so, rather than adhering strictly to the “farthest from the hole plays first” stipulation in the Rules of Golf.

“Ready golf” is not appropriate in match play due to the strategy involved between opponents and the need to have a set method for determining which player plays first. However, in stroke play formats it is only the act of agreeing to play out of turn to give one of the players an advantage that is prohibited. On this basis, it is permissible for administrators to encourage “ready golf” in stroke play, and there is strong evidence to suggest that playing “ready golf” does improve the pace of play. For example, in a survey of Australian golf clubs conducted by Golf Australia, 94% of clubs that had promoted “ready golf” to their members enjoyed some degree of success in improving pace of play, with 25% stating that they had achieved ‘satisfying success’.

When “ready golf” is being encouraged, players have to act sensibly to ensure that playing out of turn does not endanger other players.

“Ready golf” should not be confused with being ready to play, which is covered in the Player Behaviour section of this Manual.

The term “ready golf” has been adopted by many as a catch-all phrase for a number of actions that separately and collectively can improve pace of play. There is no official definition of the term, but examples of “ready golf” in action are:

  • Hitting a shot when safe to do so if a player farther away faces a challenging shot and is taking time to assess their options
  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters have to wait
  • Hitting a tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed in being ready to play
  • Hitting a shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball
  • Putting out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line
  • Hitting a shot if a person who has just played from a greenside bunker is still farthest from the hole but is delayed due to raking the bunker
  • When a player’s ball has gone over the back of a green, any player closer to the hole but chipping from the front of the green should play while the other player is having to walk to their ball and assess their shot
  • Marking scores upon immediate arrival at the next tee, except that the first player to tee off marks their card immediately after teeing off

Development for All Report

Sunday’s lesson at Mid-Sussex GC was all about “Awkward Lies” and offered advice on how to hit a ball on uphill and downhill slopes, when the ball is above and below your feet and how you should adopt your stance to give the best possible chance of making good contact.  Lee also gave to tips on how to deal with difficult lies in the rough and fairway bunkers.

This, the second session for the winter coaching programme, sounded quite demanding when you read Lee Andrews’ description of what would be covered!  However, the warm sunshine on a rather frosty morning, really contributed to an enjoyable and fun learning experience coupled with the usual set up for the skills drills.

The 12 participants, not content with the rough, muddy wet grass and an impossible artificial gradient slope to position the ball, chose to create a downhill lie in a grassy bunker!!  Nothing proved too difficult when Lee explained the key factors enabling ball contact with the different choice of club selection for the individual approach to each of these lies.  (A training session that many a club player would have enjoyed.)

This was a very informative lesson in a friendly and non-competitive environment which continued to the post session pub lunch!

We take a break for the festive season, and the training sessions return on Sunday 14th January 2018 (10am-12pm) and may be booked here and will cover “Driving and Fairway woods”.


Introducing our new Committee Members

As we say goodbye to committee members Jan Hobden, Pat Johns and Dorothy Turton at the recent SCLGA AGM, here we introduce the new class of 2017, with a little more about each one:-

  • Jill Miles 

Jill plays golf at Singing Hills where she has been a member for 10 years. She has captained the Morrice Foursomes team for the last three years and has deputised for the Division 1 captain when needed. Jill has recently retired as Head of a PE Department and is keen to be involved in running golf events.

  • Sue Rushworth

Sue is a member of Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club. She is presently on the Ladies Committee and has held various Committee positions in the past including Handicap Secretary and Junior Girls Organiser. Sue has completed Part 1 of the England Golf Rules exam. She plays both Div 1 and Div 2 teams!

  • Louise Simmons – Committee Junior Organiser

Louise is a member of Dale Hill Golf Club. She was Lady Captain in 2013 and is currently the Junior Organiser. She has been very successful in growing the Junior section, increasing the fixture list and coaching opportunities. Over the summer she has shadowed Pat Johns, the outgoing County Junior Organiser at many of the Junior events.

L-R Sue Rushworth, Louise Simmons and Jill Miles




Development for All – Sunday 26th November

A reminder that there are still spaces available on Sunday 26th November for the next Development for All session at Mid-Sussex Golf Club.  Lee Andrews, the resident Professional will run the training session which next Sunday will deal with “Awkward Lies”, and runs from 10am to 12pm.  Lee will cover uphill and downhill lies; what to do when the ball is above and below your feet.  How to adapt your set up to give you the best chance of making a good contact, and it will also cover difficult lies in the rough and fairways bunkers.

For only £10, this represents great value for money and will run whatever the weather.

To obtain a booking form, click here.


Jo Galway Reports on Senior Success

Jo Galway, Seniors Team Manager reports.

“It has been yet another triumphant year for the Sussex Seniors League team winning the Mulligan Larsen Bowl for the third year running against Surrey, Kent, Middlesex and Essex.

Each match consists of 6 singles matchplay games and each game counts towards the final result.  Sussex had wins against Surrey (4-2) at Piltdown, followed by Essex (5-1) at Rochford Hundred, then an excellent win (6-0) against Middlesex at Royal Ashdown Forest and finally winning (5-1) against Kent at Boughton.

The total of games won over the season was a very impressive 20 out of a possible 24.  Surrey came in 2nd place with 15.5.  The matches have been hard fought with some excellent golf in the true spirit of the game.

Thank you to the players for their commitment to the Sussex Seniors League Matches and well done on such an excellent result.”

Players in the 2017 squad were:

  • Aileen Greenfield – Pyecombe
  • Katherine Russell – Royal Ashdown Forest
  • Clarissa Bushell – West Sussex
  • Teresa Ward – Royal Eastbourne
  • Sally Brown – Ifield
  • Joan Pullen – Cooden Beach
  • Daisy Kane – West Sussex
  • Iona McKean – Cottesmore
  • Jacs Marlio – Royal Ashdown Forest
  • Sandy Fell – Singing Hills
  • Team Manager, Jo Galway – Pyecombe.

Jo Galway with the Mulligan Larsen Bowl


Competitions 2018

The 2018 competition dates and entry forms are now available on the website. It’s an ideal time to make plans for next year, and enter some of these fun competitions with your friends from your own club or away.  You can pick a course that you wouldn’t normally play and for a reasonable cost enjoy a 3 course meal, golf and prizes!  Click here for the SCLGA Competitions 2018.