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Last Sunday, Lee Andrews (Mid-Sussex Pro) held a Development for All Workshop on “Controlling your distance onto the green”.  We should all know roughly how far we hit our 7 iron or pitching wedge with a full shot.  How many times, when you have a 35 yards to go, do you fluff the shot?  Or do you know when to hit half a wedge or a bit more than half a wedge?!  We’ve all been there and Lee offered the ladies a method to calculate more accurately their distance control using their 9 iron through to their Lob Wedge.

Each lady hit their 9 iron, PW, GW, SW and LW 3 times using a full shot, half shot and quarter shot. A record was kept for each club accurately showing distance and the overall flight of the ball; and this should be kept in your golf bag as a permanent reminder!  Some of the clubs and shot will travel the same distance but will be higher or lower which gives different options onto the green.  Lee reminded the ladies on set-up position, an open stance (aiming to the left), width of stance and weight distribution.

Bali Bassan wasn’t able to run the workshop, but thanks Sandra Holman for standing in and organising the session.

The next sessions take place on 4th and 18th March at Mid-Sussex GC.  As we approach the golfing season, why not sign up and join in the fun?

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