SCLGA Division 1

Interclub Division Championship

Inter-Club Division Championship

Division 1

2017 Division 1 Champions – Worthing GC

 Secretary Division 1: Pauline Senior 01243 543263

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Knockout Stage

Group Stage

All teams play all the other teams in their group home and away, with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The winner from each group goes through to the knockout stage. Click to download the best runner-up formula here and match rules and regulations here.

All group matches to be played by 30th June 2017.

Past Champions

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Division 1 Champions

2017Worthing2001Royal Ashdown Forest1985Seaford1969Worthing1953Cooden1929Ashdown Forest
2016Worthing2000West Sussex1984West Sussex1968Royal Ashdown Forest1952Worthing1928Ashdown Forest
2015Worthing1999Highwoods1983Seaford1967Royal Ashdown Forest1951Cooden1927Ashdown Forest
2014Pyecombe1998West Sussex “A”1982West Sussex1966Worthing1950Worthing1926West Hove
2013West Sussex1997Goodwood1981Dyke1965Worthing1949Cooden1925Cooden
2012Ham Manor1996Crowborough Beacon1980West Sussex1964Worthing1948Worthing1924Cooden
2011West Sussex1995West Sussex “A”1979West Sussex1963Worthing1947Cooden1923Ashdown Forest
2010West Sussex1994West Sussex1978Royal Ashdown Forest1962Worthing1938Cooden1922Cooden Beach
2009Highwoods1993Goodwood1977Royal Ashdown Forest1961Piltdown1937Cooden1921Bexhill
2008Ham Manor1992Goodwood1976Royal Ashdown Forest1960West Sussex1936Ashdown Forest1920Cooden Beach
2007Rye1991Goodwood1975Ham Manor1959Worthing1935Cooden1914Unfinished
2006East Sussex National1990West Sussex “A”1974Royal Ashdown Forest1958West Sussex1934Cooden1913Crowborough Beacon
2005Royal Ashdown Forest1989West Sussex “A”1973Cooden1957No matches1933Ashdown Forest1912Brighton & Hove
2004Dyke1988Royal Ashdown Forest1972Royal Ashdown Forest1956Cooden1932Worthing1911Brighton & Hove
2003West Sussex1987West Sussex1971Royal Ashdown Forest1955West Sussex1931Cooden1910Seaford
2002Worthing1986West Sussex1970Ham Manor1954Crowborough Beacon1930Cooden