Iron Maidens 1In the sweltering heat of one of the hottest days on record, The Iron Maidens of Ifield GC completed one of the toughest tests in golf – the MacMillan Longest Day in aid of the Lady Captain’s Charity.

Starting at 4.45am (the cool of the day – it was already 22 degrees!) the first round literally whizzed by for the team – Sally Brown (Lady Captain), Jane Rodgers, Lisa O’Donnell, Gill Sampson and Jane Covey.

During the day they played 4 rounds/72 holes and the best part of two thousand shots between them. They didn’t finish until 7.52pm, stopping only for 75 minutes for lunch and a bit of physio.

As the day got hotter, they demolished over 25 litres of water, 8 bananas, 7 satsumas, 6 apples, tons of Jelly Babies, jam sandwiches, Jaffa Cakes, frozen orange slices, homemade banana cake, 5 filled jacket potatoes and salad for lunch, topped up with plenty of chocolate to help them do over 25 miles (for Sally that was 58,435 steps!)

They had a fantastic support crew complete with iced towels, and apparently not one blister between them. So far they have raised over £2k (and counting) for MacMillan Cancer Support who are building a new £1.3m Cancer Support Centre at Royal East Surrey Hospital which serves the Ifield area.

Congratulations ladies, what a day and what an experience (they say they will never forget it – and most probably never do it again! Never say never……)

Iron Maidens after


The Iron Maidens on the 72nd hole, left to right:

Gill Sampson, Jane Covey, Sally Brown, Lisa O’Donnell and Jane Rodgers (wearing their JellyFish UK sponsored shirts).